A downloadable game for Windows

A game prototype created for My First Game Jam: Summer Edition! You play as a turtle who is doing his best to eat as many strawberries as he can!

[PSA: please check before feeding turtles of tortoises strawberries as only some species can safely consume fruits]

Some notes!

I've been meaning to learn Unity for some time, and this was a nice opportunity to jump in! My main focus for this game jam was to learn more about a new game engine and to refresh my coding skills. It's been a lot of fun!

I actually wanted a more polished game to submit and have already begun adding in art assets and refining the gameplay, but what I was able to accomplish in the time frame was just this prototype! I hope you enjoy it and look forward to the finished version!

EDIT: I polished up the game! You can find it [HERE]


TurtleTreat_01.rar 30 MB

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